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How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Price Jet

Flying by private jet might seem like a fantasy that only celebrities, business magnates, and politicians can enjoy. The truth is, flying in private luxury has never been more of a reality than today. Thanks to advances in technology and new business models, innovative companies are making it possible for more people to travel by executive jet by sharing flight costs and filling-up seats of idling aircraft or under-capacity flights.

In this article, we’ll help you decide what jet is right for your next flight and give you an idea of how much you would pay for a private jet charter.

You can choose from a variety of options:

  • Charter entire jets for an extended period of time
  • Charter an entire jet for a single flight
    Purchase seats on a fixed flight
    Purchase seats on a custom flight

With so many options available, it’s possible to book a flight that’s tailored to your individual wants and needs.

Need to fly your sales team to a national conference? Book a VIP airliner like a Boeing Business Jet with bedrooms, meeting areas, and WiFi. Want to catch a last-minute trip to Vegas? Grab a vacant seat on a Phenom 300 leaving in two hours. Have to travel across the Pacific Ocean to international headquarters? Get there fast and safe while enjoying luxurious amenities with a Gulfstream V.

Determine first whether you’re traveling solo, in which case you can save money by purchasing a seat on an empty leg.

If you’re traveling with a group, you would benefit most from hiring an entire jet.

A private jet charter gets you all the benefits of having your own jet without the massive investment required and the hassle of on-going maintenance, fuel, and crew costs.

Private Jet Chartering Costs depend on a few key factors:

  • Size of plane – how many passengers you need to transport
  • Length of trip – how many hours will it take to get to your destination
  • Fuel prices & airport fees – some airports are more expensive to take off and land in
  • Departure time – prices soar during periods of peak demand
  • Return flight – If your jet flies back empty, it will cost you more
  • Individual companies – some brokers charge more for extra services

Prices can vary widely from jet to jet, destination to destination, and even the condition and age of the aircraft you’re boarding. The level of luxury you want to fly in will also influence the price, so if you expect fine dining during your flight, expect to pay more. Europe is on average more expensive per flight hour than the US since private jet chartering is a less developed industry.

If you’re traveling alone, or with a small group of people up and down the east or west coast of the US, a turboprop or light jet would be your best option. If you have a larger business team to transport, a mid-size or large jet will suit your needs well. If you need to travel long overseas distances or have more than 20 passengers, then an ultra long-range or airliner would serve best.

Prices below reflect average per flight hour costs. Consult a trusted broker to give you an accurate quote, and feel free to shop around to find a company that provides the best service at a fair price.

Private Jet Charter Costs

Average Prices per flight hour according to Paramount Business Jets and Avinode. Prices may vary.

Turbo Prop Charter Prices

ModelPassengersRange (Miles)Cost (USD)
King Air 20092630$1400/hr

Light & Superlight Charter Prices

ModelPassengersRange (Miles)Cost (USD)
Citation Jet Series41,331$2,200 – 2,600/hr
Hawker 400XP61,736$2,700/hr
Learjet 45/7572,279$3,600/hr
Phenom 30072,258$2,700/hr

Midsize Charter Prices

ModelPassengersRange (Miles)Cost (USD)
Citation X83,345$5,225/hr
Gulfstream 20093,833$5,700/hr
Falcon 50 EX93,802$2,539/hr
Legacy 45073,356$3,800/hr
Citation Latitude 93,125$4,500/hr

Large Charter Prices

ModelPassengersRange (Miles)Cost (USD)
Challenger 604/605124,071$6,200/hr
Falcon 2000 EX94,398$4,733/hr
Legacy 200133,576$5,400/hr

Ultra Long Rage Charter Prices

ModelPassengersRange (Miles)Cost (USD)
Falcon 7X156,886$9,200/hr
Gulfstream V137,813$7,800/hr
Global Express147,118$8,000/hr

VIP Charter Prices

ModelPassengersRange (Miles)Cost (USD)
Boeing Business Jet196,927$11,000/hr
Lineage 1000145,208$12,000/hr
Airbus ACJ340259,125$25,000/hr

Private Jet Perks Without The Private Jet Hassle

There’s a jet available for everyone, depending on your budget and travel preferences. It’s much more cost-effective to rent a private aircraft when you need it than it is to purchase and maintain your own. Besides the large initial expense, there are ongoing costs like maintenance, insurance, and crew salaries that cost money even when your private plane is idling.

Remember to look for a private jet charter company that is knowledgeable about the industry and understands your specific needs to book the right charter for you at the best price.