Private Jets For Sale

Few pleasures rival the thrill of owning a private jet. Travel the globe in maximum comfort – with plenty of legroom, privacy, and your personal crew. Save precious time at the airport by skipping the line and going straight to your carriage.Whether you are purchasing one for personal use or business, we have compiled a list of private jets and their prices.

If you desire the private jet experience without the commitment of buying, consider booking a private jet charter for your next flight.

While your taste ultimately decides what is comfortable enough for you, expect a level of luxury commensurate with how much you are willing to spend.

Private het prices depend on a few factors:

  • Category – how many passengers can fit in the cabin?
  • Age – Older jets cost more to maintain and have a shorter life.
  • Range – how far do you need to go? New York to Los Angeles? London to Shanghai?
  • Luxuries – how much style you want to fly in.

Now, onto the list.

Small/Light Private Jet – Top Picks with New & Used For Sale Prices

Embraer Phenom 100

The roomiest jet in its category, renowned French aerospace manufacturer Embraer’s Phenom 100 light jet offers a spacious Ovalite cabin, accommodating up to six passengers with plenty of head and legroom.

An entry-level jet that offers the luxuries standard on planes much more expensive, its unique cabin design with the biggest-in-class windows allow more natural light in. It has one of the lowest mission costs in its class – even beating some turboprops.

Get up to speed faster, with takeoff capabilities allowing the jet to climb directly up to 41,000 with no intermediary steps. Boasting an impressive ramp with airstair down and accompanying lights and the largest door in class.

A brand new Phenom 100 starts at $4.4 million, while a second-hand one from 2010 costs around $2.4 million.

Cessna Citation Mustang

Combining the comfort of a large business jet with the agility of a light aircraft, the Citation Mustang is a compact, yet comfortable, light jet. Seating four in plush embossed leather seats, this jet is an affordable choice for those who want to travel light and fast.

With a range of 1,200 nautical miles, it is perfect for visiting multiple close destinations in a single fuel tank.

A brand new Citation Mustang lists for $2.7 million, though it is possible to find an older model for under $1 million.

Midsize Private Jets – Top Picks with New & Used Prices

Bombardier Challenger 350

No other midsize jet can go full range with a full tank and maximum capacity. The Challenger 350 is the widest, most spacious aircraft in its category, holding up to nine passengers and featuring flat floors with room to move around.

Designed with signature elegance, the cabin features rich wood paneling and sleek metal trim and hand-sculpted seats. Lay down on couches and soak up the sun through large windows or connect to the internet to get work done on an ergonomic foldout table.

Offering more standard baseline features than other jets in the category, the Challenger 350 is the most economical option, with the lowest direct operating cost for its size. You get much more than you pay for.

A new Bombardier Challenger 350 will cost you $25.9 million dollars, while a second-hand model from 2014 lists at $17 million.

Cessna XLS+

For those that need to get from one continent to another, the Cessna XLS+ delivers first-class cabin comfort for up to nine passengers. Featuring the largest cabin in a midsize jet, and a side-facing couch for extra comfort, there’s enough space for your entire team to travel in style.

There’s plenty of room to walk around or recline back and relax. Get work done on the journey effortlessly with sturdy foldout side-tables. It is hardly surprising that this is the most popular business jet in the world.

new Cessna XLS+ is $11.8 million. Used 2016 Cessna XLS+ models cost $8.9 million, but older models can sell for much lower.

Long Range Private Jet Prices

Gulfstream G650

For speed demons and business emergencies, the Gulfstream G650 is a long-range aircraft with capable of flying 7000 nautical miles at 92% the speed of sound. Flying from New York to Tokyo is almost an hour closer than other large-cabin jets, making long-distance international business simply part of a day’s work.

Exquisitely accommodating up to 19 passengers, the ultra-long and spacious cabin provides enough space to make meetings, entertainment, and privacy possible in the same plane. Luxurious features are standard – with an oven, large ice drawers and custom storage for crystalware that allows for virtually unlimited dinner possibilities.

Work seamlessly with a variety of options whether it is connecting to the internet, satellite communications or a local wireless network with onboard printing and phone service. The cabin pressurizes to a comfortable 3,290 ft even while cruising at 41,000 ft, twice as low as commercial airlines. Your team can have it all with the G650.

A Gulfstream G650 new is $65 million, it is the biggest and fastest jet money can buy. Used models fetch an average price of $55.5 million.

Full-Size Private Jet Prices

Boeing Business Jet

When you need to transport the entire team over the world, your best bet is to fly in a Boeing Business Jet. Starting from the smallest BBJ to the massive BBJ 747-8, the Boeing family offers a jet for everyone’s needs. Based on the 737 Series airliners, these planes typically seat between 25 and 50 people luxuriously. Amenities include bedrooms, conference/dining areas, living areas and plenty of room to walk around. Fit for kings, rock stars and presidents, these jets are for buyers without a budget.

A new Boeing Business Jet starts at $60 million while the 747-8 costs $358 million new. Used models range from $20 million to $200 million.

Real Cost of Owning

Besides the purchase price, private jets require significant money to keep in working order because of their advanced, intricate avionics systems and compliance with safety regulations. In some cases, the money saved on a used aircraft may not outweigh the costs of maintaining and repairing, especially the older it is. Keep in mind that the plane depreciates.

Total on-going costs will range from $700,000 to $4 million a year depending on the size and model of your jet. While it seems expensive, after paying crew salaries, hangar space, insurance, fuel, airframe maintenance and engine maintenance per hour, costs add up quickly.

If you are flying over 250 hours a year, your operating expenses per flight-hour are lowest when you own your aircraft. Operating for fewer than 250 hours a year is the least expensive per flight-hour when you charter a private jet. One of the benefits of a private jet charter flight is not burning cash on ongoing maintenance costs, particularly if you are not flying often.

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