Cessna Citation Private Jet

Cessna is a company which has now become a synonym to the business jet aircraft of the world. There are no boundaries to define the innovation and excellence that they have achieved in this industry. Cessna has sold more than 190,000 aircraft to date and has more than a 50% market share for private jet aircraft that are currently flying in the skies today. With more than 4000 citations sold to date, this particular model of jet has been a resounding success for Cessna.

Technical Details of Cessna Citation Private Jet

Cessna Citation X

The Cessna Citation is one of the most popular business jets available.

Cessna Citation’s are available in various models and they offer the highest level of performance and comfort to their passengers. Some of the prominent features of this business jet include:

  • They have superb takeoff and landing capabilities, meaning they are quite flexible to get you in and out of a wide variety of airfields.
  • They have quieter and more comfortable cabins, which are ideal for small meetings and groups.
  • These business jets are famous for their powerful yet fuel efficient engines.
  • The cabins in the Citation are designed is such a way that it provides extra headroom to the passengers and the placement of windows are done in such a way that they increase the spacious feel within the aircraft.
  • There are many colors from which the buyer can select to design the interiors of the aircraft.
  • Every design is carefully planned by the intelligent and creative use of leathers, the finest fabrics, high durability painted coatings and tailored carpets.
  • There is separate unpressurised baggage area also provided in the plane.
  • There are adjustable air vents that provide better environment inside the plane during the flight.
  • The seating capacity of the Citation jets range from 5 to 9 people depending on the model of the jet.
  • Citation X planes have flown the distance which is equal to four times the distance between the earth and the sun. They have also landed and taken off in excess of one million times.

Facts and Figures about the Cessna Citation

  • Fuel Capacity: Fuel capacity of these jets ranges from 2,580 lb. of Citation Mustang to 14,300 lb. of Citation X.
  • Maximum Cruise Speed: The maximum cruise speed is enjoyed in Citation X, which gives the ability to fly at the speed of 972 km/hr. Citation Mustang is the ‘slowest’ of all the Citation models and flies at the maximum cruise speed of 630 Km/hr.
  • Takeoff and Landing Distance: Both takeoff and landing distance is shortest in the Citation Mustang and longest in the Citation X.
  • Range: Citation Longitude has the longest range of around 4,000 nm and the Mustang has the shortest at 1,150 nm.


Price of the entry level Citation jet, which is the Citation Mustang, starts at $3,285,000. The price of the most advanced Citation jet, which is the Citation Longitude, starts at $25,995,000.

Support Services

The Cessna Citation jet also comes with an assurance of great support for aftersales service from the company as there are 40 Cessna-owned Service Centers and authorized service facilities. This gives the buyer access to great service support for their aircraft, 24 hours a day and seven days of the week.